East Africa’s Street Kids

Child homelessness is a huge problem in East Africa. One of the hardest most heart-wrenching experiences I’ve ever had was seeing young children—babies—lying in the street hungry and alone, and feeling powerless to help them all. Imagine it’s your first time walking down a busy East African street in an urban district. The streets are full of foot traffic; some people are shopping, some are selling, others are in mid-commute.You look to your right and notice a group of young boys huddled together looking down at something in their hands. Most of them are carrying plastic bottles but you’re not sure why. They are filthy, their clothes are worn and shredded and their eyes are a yellowish-brownish hazy tint. Their faces look dull and their bodies are gaunt. You walk on and see two small children lying together in the fetal position on the sidewalk. They are sleeping.